About Dancing Feather Farm & Ranch: Organic Farming, Lumber Mill, and Kiko Goats In Branchburg, Tewksbury, Bound Brook, Princeton, Flemington, Clinton, NJ, and Surrounding Areas

Who we are…

We’re salespeople, engineers, home keepers: we’re people just like you. We’re farmers. We’re gardeners. We’re conservationists, environmentalists, agriculturalists, and more.. We’re friends and neighbors who love the earth and all it can provide for us.

Dancing Feather Farm and Ranch exists to show by example how people from all walks of life can produce the food, medicines, and fibers we all use while restoring ecologies and creating more equitable economic and social relationships. From raising fresh produce to providing healthy goats, chicken, eggs, and so much more, Dancing Feather Farm celebrates the bounty of nature. We provide opportunities for individuals who otherwise wouldn’t have a chance to experience the joy of farming, the delight of the harvest, and sharing their excess.

CSA Farm and Organic Farming

From Our Flemington, NJ Organic Farm & Lumber Mill

Dancing Feather Farm is 74 acres of some of New Jersey’s most prime land as recognized by the USDA and NOFA-NJ. Dancing Feather Farm acts as an agricultural, horticultural, and permaculture business incubator site hosting a multitude of ventures throughout their various stages. The rich soil is ideal for growing Customer Certified Organic perennial crops. These include asparagus, blueberries, blackberries, red and black raspberries, gooseberries, red and champagne currents, elderberries, hazelnuts, and many others on our ever-changing and expanding list. Our annuals consist of 65 different crops featuring over 123 varieties, offered private share CSA market style. The field/crop portion of the farm grows high-quality organic feed for our animals and sells and donates the rest.

We provide the land, a la carte labor, watering, and advice. We want your farming project to be successful, so we offer practical assistance as needed. You’ll find more information about costs, plot sizes, the average amount of produce you can expect, and more information by clicking here.

Wheelbarrow on Clinton CSA Farm Moving Organic Farm Plants

Spreading Soil for Organic Farming in Princeton, NJ

Organic Farming: Grow Organic Vegetables & Family Food Farming

Through our regenerative soil practices and permaculture farming process, we ensure the health and vitality of the soil for generations to come. We avoid harmful commercial agricultural practices. We work with nature, not against it, incorporating natural principles into our farming to create self-sufficient, highly productive systems.

Black Angus Meats, Kiko Goats, & Free Graze Beef & Poultry

Dancing Feather Ranch offers consumer-direct and wholesale sales of pasture-raised, grass-fed beef, bison, lamb, goat, and poultry products. All supplemented animals are on Non-GMO, all-vegetarian diets. Our pastures are planted with perennial and annual forage mixes designed with the health of our animals in mind. Our goats are furnished with a custom blend of herbs that are truly appreciated at the table!

Breeding is done on-site for our selective customer base. We welcome pre-orders and can grow to exacting standards. Our goats are truly the best breed available, excellent for meat as well as breeding, companions, and work goats. Our purebred Kiko goats from the USA and New Zealand make perfect family pets.

Our animals are pasture-raised and free-range grazed on plants chosen to provide for the animal’s optimum nutrition and well-being. Over 45 acres are dedicated to rotational grazing for the livestock. Bring your cows, goats, lamas, pigs, chickens, and more…the choice is yours while space is available.

On the ranch, you’ll also find Customer Certified Organic poultry and eggs, seasonal turkey, pheasant, quail, venison, and bison. We ONLY sell whole animals, prepared to your request by our off-site certified butcher/packer.

Black Angus Meats & Free Graze Beef Cattle on Flemington, NJ Organic Farm

A Message From our Organic Farming Director

I want to thank you for your interest in Dancing Feather Farm and Ranch. Although there are several diverse ventures in process here, everyone involved shares in our common core principles of providing only customer-certified products, developing unique flavor profiles, and creating products using sustainable and permaculture methods. I believe it’s possible to produce the food, medicines, and fibers we need while restoring ecologies and creating more equitable and social relationships. Together, we all work towards the achievement of this worthy goal.

Mike Bradley