Family Food Farming In Princeton, Flemington, Clinton, Branchburg, Tewksbury, Bound Brook, NJ, and Surrounding Areas 

Family Food Farming at Dancing Feather Farm

Create Your Own Sustainable Source of Food with Family Food Farming

Many areas experienced the inconvenience and frustration of temporary food shortages during the pandemic. You may have noticed longer intervals between restocking at your local grocery store. Dancing Feather Farm and Ranch offers a more stable alternative that gives you greater control, healthier produce, and lowers

Organic Vegetables Produced by Family Food Farming in Flemington, NJ

Organic Farm Preparation for Family Food Farming in Bound Brook

Good Soil for Family Food Farming

Dancing Feather Farm consists of 76 acres of what the USDA and NOFA-NJ (Northeast Organic Farming Association) call “some of the best prime land in the state”. Throughout its history, this land has hosted the production of chicken eggs delivered throughout Manhattan, acres of organic tomatoes grown for the Campbell Soup Company, and many other ventures. Today, Dancing Feather Farm serves as a permanent and annual crop incubator site that hosts several exciting ventures that share a passion for safe, natural processes that result in healthy food and food products while protecting and sustaining our environment.

Family Food Farming is economical

Your investment of approximately $99 per month results in $3-$4000 worth of produce, and it’s all done in a way that honors and protects the health and long-term welfare of you, your family, and the land. Your Family Survival Food Farming plot will produce enough fresh vegetables to feed 5 or 6 individuals during the growing season, which is 8-10 months.

Each 2-acre plot is sectioned into 14 Family Food Plots measuring 25’x95′. Within each plot there are FIVE, 30” x 90′ bed rows. Through the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) Diversified Vegetable Apprenticeship (DVA)  program, these plots are prepared with organic nutrients, helping to ensure successful growth and strong yield.

With a greenhouse on-site, we propagate plants so things are ready to plant in late April. Succession planting allows you to realize a longer harvest through staggering planting dates.

You plant the seeds you buy and we handle the watering. For safety and security, each plot is surrounded by 8’ fencing.

Soil Inspection for Organic Farm Specializing in Family Food Farming in Clinton

Man Walk Through Organic Farm Woods After Family Food Farming in Bound Brook

Family Food Farming Training

You’ll find a group of individuals willing to coach you on how, on what, and when to plant. We provide “a-la-carte labor,” which is especially beneficial to those with physical limitations.

Family Food Farming is Designed with Sustainability in Mind

Dancing Feather Farm practices Permaculture Farming, a sustainable and environmentally-friendly method that produces higher yields and productivity. This holistic approach to framing focuses on whole systems thinking. Permaculture practices and adheres to 3 foundational principles:

  • Caring for the Earth

Without a healthy planet, none of us can exist. Permaculture helps all life systems co-exist and multiply.

  • Caring for People

All people should have what they need to survive. Permaculture makes this possible through

  • Fair Sharing

By only taking what you need and reinvesting any surplus, you participate in caring for the earth and caring for people. Extra products that you farm can be given to others, sold to market thru our CSA program. Food waste products are returned to the system via composting so they can continue to be made useful.

This amazing process teaches us how to work with nature instead of fighting against it to achieve remarkable results that benefit people and the planet. Rather than tearing up any preexisting natural ecosystem and starting from scratch, permaculture’s principles work with nature, letting nature do most of the work.

Employing a no-till process and avoiding harmful commercial agricultural practices enables us to eliminate soil erosion and the use of any pesticides. Integrating these natural principles into the agricultural processes, Dancing Feather Farm creates self-sufficient, self-abundant systems that benefit both people and the earth we inhabit.

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