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Want to Grow Organic Vegetables?

Feed your family the healthy way with organic farming!

Grow Organic Vegetables at Dancing Feather Farm

You don’t have to own acres of land to have your own garden. Dancing Feather Farm provides an affordable way for you to raise your own organic produce on some of New Jersey’s most prime land. You get all the advantages of planting, tending, and harvesting your own vegetables without paying the taxes and other expenses of land ownership. And here’s the best part: we work with you to ensure your success. That means that even the novice gardener can experience the pride and joy of producing healthy vegetables without the pesticides, chemicals, and processes that harm both people and the environment.

Grasshoppers on Organic Vegetable in Organic Farm in Flemington, NJ

Tomatoes from Organic Farm in Princeton, NJ

Victory Gardens for Organic Farming

The Healthy Way to Grow Organic Vegetables

Dancing Feather Farm’s Victory Gardens provide opportunities for open farming to people who want family farming plots. Within a 2-acre plot, we create 14 garden plots, each 25’ x 95’. Through the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) Diversified Vegetable Apprenticeship (DVA)  program, five 30’ x 90’ rows are prepared for nutrients.

There are 18″ wide spaces to maneuver through 30″ bed rows. We use regenerative soil practices, which improve soil health and fertility. It also improves water quality, as there are no chemicals that can pollute ground and surface water.

We Make Organic Farming Simple

You buy your seeds, you plant them, and we help you with everything else. Seeds, gloves, a hat, and maybe a comfy garden cushion to sit on, plus a little labor is all you’ll need, about an hour a day. Our team waters the crops and guides you on what, when, and how to plant. We use a permaculture process, so there’s no tilling or heavy ground work involved. Gardens are protected by our 8′ high fencing. Our goal is for you to enjoy a successful, thriving garden.

Through the PASA program, qualified workers and volunteers are made available, earning course time 20% and 80% on the field. We provide a la carte labor for anyone who needs assistance.  We’re excited about becoming a host farm for PASA, which offers an excellent apprenticeship program.

Woman at Clinton, NJ Organic Farm Planting Seeds to Grow Organic Vegetables

Branchburg Organic Farming Fields to Grow Organic Vegetables

Affordable Organic Farm Vegetables

As the cost of organic produce continues to climb, Dancing Feather Farm’s Victory Gardens offer an affordable alternative. For approximately $99 per month, you can have $3-4000 worth of produce that will feed 5 to 6 people. A season can be 8-10 months. We have a greenhouse for plant propagation, which is all part of the prep work.

During the off-season, we’re still hard at work. We cover the ground after adding vital nutrients to the soil. While minerals break down, we do our prep work in the greenhouse so we’re ready to plant by the end of April with harvest happening in just a week! We then utilize succession planting through the end of November. Also referred to as successive planting, succession planting allows you to extend your harvest by staggering the planting of crops and/or planting varieties with staggered maturing dates. It may sound complicated if you’re new to gardening, but don’t worry: we’re here to help you!

Dancing Feather Farm’s Victory Gardens are an affordable way to subsidize the cost of feeding your family, a fantastic opportunity to give your children a hands-on educational experience, and a fulfilling way to connect with nature. Slip away from the day to day, give your family something other than playing on the computer. Contact Us today and take the first step towards living a more healthy, productive life.