Kiko Goats, Free Graze Beef, Free Graze Poultry, & Black Angus Meats In Flemington, Bound Brook, Clinton, Tewksbury, Branchburg, Princeton, NJ, and Surrounding Areas

The Responsible Way to Buy, Breed, and Process Kiko Goats

Situated on 76 pristine acres in Flemington, New Jersey, Dancing Feather Ranch offers what many consider the finest goats available. Sold mainly for breeding, our Kiko Goats come from New Zealand. These parasite-resistant goats require 70% less maintenance than other breeds, such as Bora.

Kiko Goats on Flemington Organic Farm

Why Kiko Goats?

Kiko goats were initially bred for New Zealand farmers who wanted a goat with superior qualities for meat production. The Kiko breed is preferred by many farmers for a wide variety of reasons. They have excellent maternal instincts and bond quickly with their kids. Kids grow quickly and reach market weight much sooner than many other breeds. They’re very parasite-resistant and are aggressive foragers and breeders.

Kiko goats are easy to train and direct. Managing an entire herd is not difficult. This also makes them wonderful pets.

Sold for meat, they’re usually ready at 12 to 18 months of age, having reached 50-100 pounds. Our Kiko Goats are all grass-fed, rotationally grazed. We use no hormones and no antibiotics. At Dancing Feather Farm & Ranch, our goal is to provide only the best organic foods, and that includes our goat meat. Like all our animals, our goats enjoy free-range grazing on plants specific to their optimum nutrition and well-being.

Our experienced and helpful team members are very familiar with the process of our goat meat preparation and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Free Graze Beef, Free Graze Poultry, & Black Angus Meats

DFF reserves 45 acres of our farm for the rotational grazing of livestock. Bring your cows, goats, lamas, pigs, chickens, or other grazing livestock. Our pastures are planted with perennial and annual forage mixes that make for an appetizing and healthy diet for your livestock. Ask about our on-farm breeding available for our selective customer base. Pre-orders are welcomed and we’re happy to grow to meet your exacting standards.

Meat Processing for Free Graze Beef & Poultry and Kiko Goats

When your animals are ready for processing, talk to us. We partner with a local processor who will process responsibly. You can also choose from our livestock for processing and we’ll be happy to oblige. Contact us about the current stock and availability of beef, venison, goat, and poultry.

Kiko Goats on Clinton Organic Farm

Free Graze Poultry in Cage on Princeton Organic Farm

Free Graze Poultry, Eggs, and so much more

Dancing Feather Farm also offers Free Range Heritage Customer-Certified Organic Poultry and Eggs. Our chickens are chosen by many New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania chefs. Our offerings also include seasonal turkey and venison. All of our animals are pasture-raised and grain-fed.

Recently Born Kiko Goats