Family Food Farming in Bound Brook, Branchburg, Clinton, Flemington, Princeton, Tewksbury, and Surrounding Areas

dad with children on farm for Family Food Farming with Organic Farm Vegetables in Bound Brook, Branchburg, Clinton, Flemington, Princeton, Tewksbury

More than likely you have found that your local grocery store in Bound Brook, Branchburg, Clinton, Flemington, Princeton, Tewksbury, and the surrounding areas is experiencing sporadic supply issues. Family food farming is a sustainable option that you can explore when you speak with the folks at Dancing Feather Farm. If you recall the old victory gardens that were popular in years past, these are the same idea, but you have a great infrastructure to help you make the most of your family food farming plot. Contact us today to learn more about this great option to ensure that you have enough food for your family no matter what happens at the grocery store.

Size of Family Food Farming

You are likely wondering just how much space you would have with your own family food farming plot. We have broken up the farming into 2-acre plots, which have then been subdivided into smaller areas. There are 14 of these subdivided sections in each 2-acre plot, and you would manage 1 of these subdivided sections. Each of the sections contains five bed rows for planting a variety of different fruits and vegetables.

These family food farming sections are designed to produce up to $4,000 worth of produce, and this is done in a way that honors and protects the health and long-term welfare of you, your family, and the land. Your Family Survival Food Farming plot will produce enough fresh vegetables to feed 5 or 6 individuals during the growing season, which is 8-10 months. With a greenhouse on-site, we propagate plants so things are ready to plant in late April. Succession planting allows you to realize a longer harvest through staggering planting dates.

Benefits of Family Food Farming

Dancing Feather Farm’s family food farming is an affordable way to subsidize the cost of feeding your family, a fantastic opportunity to give your children a hands-on educational experience, and a fulfilling way to connect with nature. In the spring due to our on-site greenhouse, you can plant your different plants in your food section and be able to start harvesting in approximately a week. Slip away from the day to day, give your family something other than playing on the computer in Bound Brook, Branchburg, Clinton, Flemington, Princeton, Tewksbury, and the surrounding areas. Contact Dancing Feather Farm today to learn more and to schedule a visit to their location with your family.